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Addafe is an online platform that supports and nurture the creative side of mankind

Addafe = Adda (intelectual discourse) + Café AddaFe is for all who loves to enjoy
- art & photography
- reading or writing, fresh stories, poetry and other books
- listen fresh original music from singers and bands
- learn about art, artists & culture.

Be appreciated. Have adda. Have fun.

A note from the founder

Creativity distinguishes mankind. It is a connecting bridge between mundane you and your inner greatness. Since my childhood I was wondering what it could be! With 1000 cups of coffee and 100s of hours of adda – it took the shape finally. With many 7 day weekdays and sparkling nights – this dream came into being. Here it is now for all of us – all. Explore your creativity !

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AddaFe invites all to learn and appreciate good art, literature and music.
Inspire, Have adda. Have fun. Create relentlessly.